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Ocean Freight is the most economic form of transportation by which goods are moved between countries.

We are able to offer services tailored to meet are clients requirements, from Customs clearance, to full Door to Door services. We are happy to assist you with your shipping requirements, with our experienced staff being able to advise on the most suitable service for your cargo

Full Container Loads ( FCL) allow customers to have dedicated use of a container usually 20ft or 40ft designed for sea freight. The cargo is usually loaded at orgin and then shipped to the destination, customs cleared without being unpacked (Subject to customs inspections), and then on to the delivery point.

Less Than Container Loads ( LCL) for customers with less than a full container load. the cargo is usually taken to a loading point, consolidated with other consignments and then shipped. At destination consignments are unpacked, usually at a customs warehouse where it can be cleared and collected for delivery.

Flat Rack’s are used for out of gauge cargo.

Customs Clearance is a part of the import and export process, which we are able to offer as a service for our customers.

Delivery of FCL Containers is usually on articulated lorries, LCL shipments can be delivered in a number of ways, depending on customer requirements, from small courier vans to curtain sided lorries . If a customer cannot receive an FCL container, iot is possible to unload the cargo at our warehouse, and then deliver in the most suitable vehicle to meet the customers requirements.

Vehicle shipping can be accomplished in two ways, either the vehicle can be loaded into a sea container, or shipped on a Ro-Ro vessel.

Roll On Roll Off Ferries (Ro-Ro) are used for cars, and large vehicles that will not fit into a container. As the name suggests the cargo is driven on and off the vessel.

To Request a quote, or arrange a shipment, telephone us on the above number or E-mail us at and we will be happy to help with advice on any aspect of shipping, warehousing and prices.

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