AND Worldwide Limited

            Unit 3, Clopton Business Park, Clopton

            Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6QT

            Tel: +44 1473621808     



When time is of the essence, we are able to offer airfreight as an option for moving our customers freight. This can be either by consolidation, or direct with the airline for maximum control over the freight.     For larger amounts of cargo, spot rates can be arranged with our network of agents to get the best possible price for our customers. With our own customs link to Heathrow, and our network of agents, we are able to complete customs clearance in house, the Heathrow cargo link also allows us to track cargo and provide us with the arrival and customs status.

There are various services we are able to offer, these include Door to Door, Airport to Airport, Pick up and Delivery of cargo from airports, delivery of cargo into airports, Customs Clearance.

To Request a quote, or arrange a shipment, telephone us on the above number or E-mail us at and we will be happy to help with advice on any aspect of shipping, warehousing and prices.

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